Our Worship Services

LWCC is filled with energetic, happy faces! When you meet us, we are usually smiling, shaking hands or affirming one another. We also love to break bread after service and have fellowship. Our main services take place on Sunday morning in our branch locations.

Sunday Service @ 10:30am - 12pm

Our Sunday worship service is a 90 minute Service. It begins with a moment of prayer. It is then followed with live, dynamic worship that combines a mix of Christian contemporary, Gospel and traditional hymns. Following worship, Pastor shares an encouraging lesson from God's Word, filled with practical applications for your life. You'll leave bigger, stronger and a more effective person than when you arrived.

Tuesdays Bible Studies @ 7pm - 8:30pm.

Our weekday service is also 90 minutes; mix of prayer and Bible study. The service is usually on Tuesdays. It is designed to be engaging and uplifting.

It is an interactive Bible study that engages everyone in the service. You get to ask questions, learn new things from others and also from the Bible. You will leave this service equipped with the spiritual tools you need for life. Come grow with us!!!

Friday Prayer Service @ 7pm - 8:30pm.

Friday Intercessory Prayer is based on 1 Timothy 2:1. It is a 90 minutes service. During this time, prayers are offered for each other, for the lost, for the hurting, for nations, for people in authority, and on World issues. These prayers can be offered out loud, in groups, silently and as a Congregation. Join us every Friday for this service!!!

Liberation Service @ 6pm - 7:30pm

Liberation service is a 90 minute special Sunday evening service that attracts people of all faith and denominations. It is called the liberation service, for the sick and people with life challenges are delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit. It begins at 6pm every Sunday evening with a powerful session of worship, followed by strong teachings from the Bible that will challenge and strengthen your faith.

Healings and miracles are witnessed as the presence of God is felt among His people. Pastor also ministers to people individually and gives prophetic directions during this service. Plan to attend this service, if you or anyone is sick, needs prophetic directions or facing any challenge in life.

After Service?

After service, expect our church family to come greet you with big and bright smiles. Hang around, if you can, for some refreshments and to meet great people, especially the Pastor! He loves to meet new faces and answer your questions. Also, this is the best time to turn in your completed visitor's form to one of the Ushers. If you'd like to have someone contact you with more information, please be sure to indicate it on the form.

What do I wear?

Our services have a relaxed, casual environment. You will see some in jeans and others in suits. There is no "dress code." Come the way you feel most comfortable and just as you are.

What do you provide for Children?

LWCC Kids is our children's ministry, which caters for kids aged 2-12 years old. Our goal is to provide a safe place for kids of all ages so that they can learn about the love of Jesus Christ in a fun, exciting, and creative way.

Sundays are full of activities, Bible Stories, crafts, music, bible based movies, and age appropriate games. Our gifted and dedicated childcare volunteers are ready to serve your kids and will meet you with smiles at the entrance of the childcare center for your kid. Kids are usually picked up by parents five minutes after the main church service is done.

Is there parking?

Yes - there is free and secure parking around the building.

Maps and Directions

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